KBDFans 60% Tofu Keyboard

£230.00 Sold Out

A 60% high-profile aluminium keyboard designed and produced by KBDFans with components from Mechboards and Durock.

This board has the following specifications...

  • Aluminium high-profile wedge case
  • E-White (electrophoresis) coating
  • HS60 Hotswappable PCB (ISO and ANSI layouts)
  • Customisable per-key RGB LED's
  • Solid brass universal plate (ISO and ANSI layouts)
  • USB-C connectivity

And built using the following components...

  • Lubed and filmed Durock L7 67g linear keyswitches
  • Lubed and padded Durock smokey stabilisers
  • Custom EVA internal foam
  • Custom VIA flashed keymap

This board has been built to showcase the premium mechanical keyboard components readily available on the market today.

If you're looking at this, you probably know your keyboards and have heard of the legendary Tofu line of 60% and 65% boards from KBDFans.

With a striking e-white casing, a brushed brass plate and internal dampening foam help to provide a solid sound profile for the Durock linear switches to pair with, the filming and lubrication of the keyswitches can be felt and heard in every single keystroke. The sound and feel of this board is top-tier for its price!

Once purchased the only requirements are keycaps and a USB-C cable to get it up and running. The board and all of its components are brand new and have been tested before and after the build.

Designed and produced in China, customised in the UK.
Shipping is via DPD Door-2-Door to UK residents only.