KRKR. DUO (Carbon Black)


The AlphaEcho KRKR. DUO is a premium 3D printed keyboard switch opener designed and produced in the UK for MX and Kailh style switches.

The DUO consists of two bases and a joiner. Each base section has the appropriate switch-opening pins at the top to handle either MX or Kailh style switches and are attached to the joiner using an o-ring pressure fitment that allows you to pop either base away from the rest of the DUO with little effort.

Along the sides of the bases and joiner you'll find debossed text and grip-rings to aide in detaching the parts from one another. The joiner not only connects both bases together but also provides ample protection for the opening pins, along with giving a succinct aesthetic appearance.

The DUO has been successfully tested on the following switches...

  • Kailh standard and Kailh MX (choc switches not supported)
  • Hako
  • Cherry
  • Gateron
  • Zeal
  • Durock/JWK
  • Geekmaker
  • Originative

Also available in Ice White

Printing method: SLS 3D Printing
Material: PA2200 Polyamide 12 Nylon
Packaging: Cardboard, foam, plastic

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK.